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Key Benefits

  • Make the most of proven advertising models such as CPL, CPA and Revenue Share.
  • Showcase your affiliate marketing prowess to earn up to $500 per CPA engagement.
  • Develop lasting, profitable relationships with elite online casinos and e-gaming portals.
  • Optimize earnings with cutting-edge payment models for Master Affiliates.

Commission plans


CPL commission plan allows you to master the numbers game and thrive in volume. Send traffic, capture leads, earn commissions. The quicker you earn, the quicker we pay.


Build and drive targeted traffic to offers from top gaming brands. Our flexible payouts mean you have access to your funds in as little as a week.


Our revenue share commission plan optimizes earnings potential for high-quality leads. When the advertisergets repeat business from your conversions, so do you.

Master Affiliate

Skyrocket earnings with an affiliate program designed around your skills. Our “master affiliate” commission plan is customizable, and tailored to your brilliance.

Simple. Smart. Intuitive.


Optimize cash flow with a streamlined system that gives you one of the fastest payouts in the industry. Now that’s money at the speed of a click.

  • Versatile and flexible commission plans
  • Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payouts
  • Up to $500 CPA payouts
  • ** Cash-flow assistance to start and scale up
  • Master affiliate commissions

Affiliate Tools

We care about our affiliates. A lot. From ready-to-use sales funnels to state-of-the-art tools, our affiliates are empowered with sophisticated solutions that deliver results.

  • Personal Advertising accounts with full control
  • Complete sales-funnels to customize and optimize
  • Proven game tools to convert users into money players
  • Marketing tips, tricks and tools to increase conversions
  • Continuing education with webinars and newsletters
  • Round-the-clock phone, email and chat support
  • Free personalized consultancy from experts

Unique Offers

Come for the perks, stay for the unique offers you won’t find anywhere else. Our alliances with the cream of e-gaming brands and online casinos mean you get first dibs on the most awesome offers.

  • Elite gaming brands from around the world
  • First access to exclusive offers
  • Variety and diversity in offers and target markets
  • Region-, channel- and device-specific offers
  • Inside information on brands and their strongest markets


Conversion, simplified!

Turn more misses into hits…

…and more leads into players. Our select team of affiliates bringshigh-quality traffic, ready to be converted by your amazing offer.And if you’re looking for players from a specific region, you’ll gettargeted, region-specific traffic knocking at your doorstep. It’s time to take the stress out of conversion and boost revenues.

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The More the Merrier!

Get the party started…

…and keep them coming back for more. Our experienced affiliates give you access to users you can convert into high-value players. Build your business and brand with a growing base of playersthat stick around long after the trial’s over. Turn your gaming portal intoan interactivity, thriving community of real ‘money’ players.

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Our Mission

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